Camouflage Makeup to Cover Black Eye

I recently had an unfortunate mishap that got me a black eye. (I wish I had a good story to go along with it but I don’t)   I spent hours going through an old draw filled with concealers hoping one would magically cover the awful purple and red hues. I thought tattoo covering make up would be my solution. I rushed to the local make up store and purchased very expensive camouflage cream.  I didn’t care about the price, I just didn’t want to look like I went 5 rounds with a champion boxer. I could not have been more disappointed with the makeup. I searched online and foundColorTration. I ordered the sample kit and love the results. Shade number 4 was a perfect match and the coverage is impressive I wanted to let you know you have a great product!!  Thank you!

I attached pictures so you too can be impressed, the photos were taken the same day.




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Cover Makeup To Camouflage Vitiligo


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ColorTration cover makeup is used to camouflage vitiligo.

View our before and after photos here:

Here are before and after images snipped from a youtube video submitted to us by one of our customers.

Vitiligo is a condition that causes depigmentation on sections of skin. Normally, skin is pigmented with a compound that the body manufactures for sun protection called melanin. For reasons unknown, when vitiligo occurs, cells producing melanin stop functioning. Like many conditions the causes and treatments for vitiligo are being researched but still elude scientists.

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Camouflage makeup by ColorTration on man’s arm with psoriasis. Cover makeup photos, submitted by customer:

ColorTration Cover Makeup camouflages any skin condition.






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A customer from South Africa explains he first used some emery cloth to smooth the white psoriatic scale and then washed his arm clean with a damp cloth.  Second, he applied the ColorTration primer to smooth the affected areas and then applied ColorTration number 7 to the entire arm.  As a last step he sealed his arm with fixative spray.

This customer is satisfied that he can keep his arm looking healthy for 48 hours after applying ColorTration products in this manner.  To quote him:  ” I can go the beach with a girl and swim in the ocean and still feel confident.    I have a normal life again.  I hope this helps  people understand how effective your products are.  As for me, count me as a loyal customer.”

(A note of concern:  Consult your dermatologist before using emery cloth to smooth psoriatic scaling, as this customer did.)

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ColorTration Cover Makeup Gallery us on Pinterest and check out our camouflage makeup before and afters.

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ColorTration Camouflage Makeup will cover up scars easily.

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Liquid Cover Makeup  to Camouflage Scars






Maya is wearing ColorTration Camouflage Makeup in Shade 2.

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Camouflage Makeup Clinic

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ColorTration was honored to participate in the annual Vascular Birthmark Conference at Lennox Hill Hospital in  New York City on November 10.  This world conference brings together physicians, clinical teams and patients from all over the world to receive medical treatment and support for birthmarks and hemangiomas.  The Vascular Birthmarks Foundation is a nonprofit organization that does amazingwork.
A makeup clinic in cover and camouflage makeup was conducted by the ColorTration team.  Our clients received makeup instruction as we covered their birthmarks and laser treatments. We worked on children and adults from all over the world. This was an incredible experience.  We want to thank those who were willing to share their before and after photos and videos

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ColorTration Camouflage Makeup Covers Tattoos

Tattoos are not always appropriate for every social occasion or work environment.   ColorTration is the perfect camouflage makeup to temporarily hide tattoos completely.  Often one thin coat of this unique liquid cover makeup has the opacity to completely cover a tattoo.  For tattoos on areas that may come into contact with clothing or furniture we recommend our Barrier spray to seal the cover.  Once sealed it will keep your tattoo hidden for up to 24 hours while remaining rub off resistant and water proof until the seal is broken with a small amount of rubbing alcohol.  Enjoy your tattoo while knowing that you can hide it if you need to!

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How to Cover Signs of Melasma With Makeup


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This article is on the website   since there is a wealth of information , we wanted to share it with you. Most over the counter foundations and concealers will not effectively cover the signs of Melasma. Specialized products like ColorTration liquid cover makeup and camouflage makeup are designed to disguise and hide any skin discoloration – it’s even designed to cover tattoos!  ColorTration will totally hide, conceal or cover the dark pigment of Melasma restoring a natural look to the skin of your face and it will go on easily, self-set without powder, while producing a natural finish which stays on all day comfortably.  ColorTration can be mixed with sunscreen for additional protection from the sun’s rays.  ColorTration will mix easily with many other formulas so it can be mixed with prescription creams, still covering and hiding Melasma while the medicine treats it.

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Burn Scars from Medical Laser – Camouflage Makeup by ColorTration



Kayla is using ColorTration camouflage makeup in shade #7 to cover a large area that had been treated with a laser to fade a birthmark.         To view the video click on this link

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Sun Burn Keeps Affecting Your Skin


We apply sunscreen to our children, stay in the shade and wear hats. But back in the 1970s and 80s we couldn’t get enough of the sun. Turning ourselves brown seemed sexy and healthy even if we had to burn first to get a tan. Our ignorance was blissful, but now the damage we did in our teens and 20s is working its way to the surface.  Fine lines, wrinkles, sagging jaw lines, patches of mottled pigmentation and age spots are emerging. Skin cancers are on the rise as people take to tanning beds. Protect your skin with sunblock and cover the existing damage with opaque camouflage makeup.

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